Big Diddy Bait's Grub incorporates our fish-attracting scent and a fat, soft plastic grub body to create a bait that walleye, bass and other predator fish are powerless to resist. The Big Diddy Baits 3” Single Tail Grub is built to suit many needs.  These can be fished alone on a jig or can be used as a trailer on your favorite spinnerbait or buzzbait.  The 3" grub can be used to mimic a craw by bouncing it off the bottom, or swam quickly to more accurately match the action of a minnow.  Our fish catching formula combining scent/action/durability is sure to be one of the best 3” Grubs you have ever fished.

3" Grub (10 Pack) - Solid Colors

  • In contrast to the traditional "slime pack" available at any big-box store, our patent pending scent infusion process eliminates the mess and lengthens the effectiveness before needing to re-scent.