The 1.5" Bitty Diddy is meant to be a bit of flash/scent you can add to your ice jigs or flies.  This bait formula combines scent and colors that are sure to catch fish.  Many of these baits have glow or UV additive to help with the bite in low light ice situations.  (glow or UV is listed in the color description if it is used)  The Bitty Diddy is a small and thin bait that will most definitely help you get after the panfish when they are finicky and not wanting to commit to a larger/thicker bait.  This bait can also be added to live bait rigs to add a small amount of color if you are jigging or trolling open water and are trying to add something to get the attention of the fish.

1.5" Bitty Diddy (20 Pack) - ICE


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