• Allen Reed

Team Spotlight Joe Long/Brandon Meltzer

Joe is an avid outdoorsman and has been fishing his entire life. He started fishing with his father at a very young age and has fished from the Florida Keys to Canada. He currently competes in the Indiana Slabmasters, Crappie USA, and American Crappie Trail as well as the Pass the Passion tournament out of Kenosha Wisconsin. Joe spent three years as the tournament director for the Indiana Slabmasters, finished 2nd in points during the 2014 season, and holds the current record for the largest crappie in a Slabmaster event. Joe has conducted several seminars and worked many fishing shows over the years. He also appeared on the Wild Indiana Podcast. "Super sexy and cool" (His words not ours!)

Brandon is also an avid outdoorsman and you can usually find him in the woods if he is not on the water. He enjoys mushroom hunting and searching for arrowheads. He is a very patient man, a quality you must have to spend countless hours on a boat with Joe.

Both of these men would give the shirt off their back to help someone in need. They love to have fun and are the jokesters of the Big Diddy team. They are a perfect fit and we are proud to have them.

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