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Team Spotlight - Brumley/Brumley

The next featured Diddy Team is the father and son team of Jonathan Brumley and his father John Brumley. Once again this is a team that is fiercely competitive but also very helpful and humble. They have had a lot of success on the water in the past and have a very promising season in front of them. Lets take a look at their accomplishments on the water and their plan for the 2020 tournament season. Be sure to go like JB Fishing Facebook page at

Jonathan Brumley

Jonathan is a fierce competitor and avid outdoors-man. If he is not on the water you will either find him in the woods or spending time with his family and friends. Jonathan started his tournament career at the ripe old age of 5, when he started fishing professional tournaments with his grandfather Jeff Yeakle. During his time fishing with his grandfather he racked up quite an impressive resume, not to mention a life full of memories that he will never forget. Unfortunately we lost Jeff last year and he is very dearly missed. Jeff was a legend in the crappie fishing scene and we are very thankful for the time we had with him.

We have had the honor of watching this young man grow and improve year-over-year and let me tell you, he can compete with the best fishermen in the country. He has an undying love of fishing and is always working to improve his skills on the water. I cant say enough good things about Jonathan, he is the definition of the perfect team member and he is the future of the sport that we all love so much.

Lets take a look at his some of his accomplishments.

- Four top 3 finishes in the Crappie USA Tournament Trail.

- Awarded the Top Adult/Youth team twice in the Crappie USA National Championship.

- 2011 Crappie USA Junior Angler of the Year.

- Five top 3 finishes in the Indiana Slab Masters Tournament Trail.

- 2018 Big Fish of the Year (Indiana Slab Masters)

- Currently ranked 21st of 180 teams in the American Crappie Trail with partner James Laswell.

- Current member of the Indiana Slabmasters advisory board.

- Featured in the Gad-About multiple times.

- Featured several times in the Outdoor Journal.

- He has appeared on the National TV show Brushpile Fishing.

- Will be appearing in the upcoming season of American Crappie Trail.

- Team photograph on the cover of Crappie Now.

John Brumley

Since the passing of Jonathan's grandfather, John Brumley his father, has stepped in to keep the passion going. John is a great guy and equally as competitive as his son. We are very fortunate to have them on the Big Diddy team and we are really looking forward to what the 2020 tournament season holds for these gentlemen.

This year Jonathan has a full tournament schedule and plans to fish 5 ACT events with his partner James Laswell, all 10 Indiana Slab Master events with his father and 3 Crappie USA events. Like we said this kid has passion!

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